The Jewish Federation of the Desert has a long and rich history of taking on special “overseas” projects in Israel. It has enhanced this commitment with the dedication of a number of very special endeavors in the Negev region of the country.  While the Negev amounts to more than 60% of Israel’s land mass, it is home to no more than 20% of Israel’s population. Our Federation aims to change those numbers.



  • Strengthen Jewish identity by deepening connections between the Desert Area Jewish community and Israel
  • Strengthens Israeli civil society and promotes democracy, Jewish pluralism, equality of opportunity and social justice in Israel
  • Generate resources and visibility from the Desert Area Jewish community for the Fed’s work in Israel, global Jewish communities, and for Israel programming in our local community
  • Strengthen and develop relationships with Diaspora Jewish communities overseas
  • Respond quickly and effectively to emergency needs of Israel and Jewish communities around the world



The Jewish community of the Desert Area, has made a commitment to partner with Israelis in building a more democratic, pluralistic and just Israel.

Jewish communities abroad, and locally, continue to face economic hardship, isolation, anti-Semitism, and social welfare needs, particularly amongst the elderly. These communities look to the more affluent and secure Jewish Diaspora communities for support and relief in helping them sustain their populations according to the values of our people.

Here in the Desert Area, we are working to build a more meaningful, mature relationship with Israel, and to grow our support for global Jewish communities in need.



By providing inspiration, expertise and financial resources, Fed enables Jews from the Desert Area, Israel and Diaspora communities around the world to become more knowledgeable about, supportive of, and deeply engaged with one another.  We strengthen Jewish identity and Jewish life by:

  • Supporting the global Jewish community by assessing international community needs, current programs, and gaps in services.
  • Investing in Israel by investigating and implementing successful models from other communities and partnering our collaborative efforts.
  • Connecting the Desert Area and Israel through programs and events.



Our Israel Education Initiative seeks to strengthen Jewish identity among Jewish students in the Desert Area and develop a sense of common Jewish destiny among students in both the Desert Area and Israel.



Civil Society and Equality of Opportunity: Supporting and Empowering Israel’s Most Vulnerable Populations. Developing a civil society and ensuring that all of Israel’s citizens, veteran Israelis and newcomers, children growing up in large cities in the center of the country and those growing up in disadvantaged peripheral areas—have equal opportunities to realize their potential, succeed, and find their place in Israeli society.

Jewish Identity and Pluralism:

Reconnecting Secular Israelis to their Jewish Identity and Promoting Jewish Pluralism.



We support a wide range of programs geared toward youth and adults that seek to enhance their “Israel experience” and Jewish identity in a myriad of ways: long-term and short-term travel programs; bringing Israeli arts and culture to the Desert Area representatives sent by the JAFI (Jewish Agency in Israel), and Israel programming on our local university campus (UC Riverside).

Our Impact


About Ramat HaNegev

Our beautiful council in located in the heart of the desert, covering approx. 22% of the total area of the State of Israel. The council is home to 15 diverse communities, and about 8,000 residents, that together live here and realize, in practice, David Ben-Gurion’s vision of settling and developing the Negev.

Some of the most advanced and impressive enterprises in Israel were established and operate here, in one of Israel's most remote areas: innovative agri-tech, Institutes for Desert Research, International agriculture training center, one of the world’s most advanced renewable energy facility, and an innovative education lab.

Our communities are constantly developing and growing thanks to the high quality of life, the quality of the people, and the privilege of continuing the Zionist work of making the Negev bloom and thus strengthen the home of the Jewish people.


Desert Agro Research Center


The Federation was the recipient of a generous bequest of $500,000 from the estate of Henry and Munzika Shweid. It provided the financial resources to dedicate the Desert Agro-Research Center in Ramat Negev, Israel in their memory and honor. The Center serves as a resource not only for agricultural research and the expansion of the regional crops to European markets, but also as a cultural center for the local regional council. It has already become the hub of activity for the area.

Also in the Negev region of Israel just outside of Beer Sheva, our Federation built a Day Care Center in the newly established settlement of Givot Bar, with funds both from the Shweid Estate and the Federation (total of $500,000).

This exciting community of young Zionist families, who have come to settle the Negev, is the product of an organization called the OR MOVEMENT.  OR comes from the Hebrew word meaning “light” and was established by three young Israeli soldiers who finished their army service and decided to dedicate their lives to building their homeland.


Day Care Center



First Home in the Homeland

Federation also renewed the grants it provided for two new projects in the Negev region - $250,000 for a project run by the Jewish Agency called First Home in the Homeland and $250,000 to the OR Movement for its Be’er Sheva Old City Renewal Project. The first project helps new immigrants to Israel gain their initial footing in the country. The later project will develop an information and referral center in the heart of the City’s ancient quarter.


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